CBT-Informed Care for Psychosis Webinars by NAMI Marin and Dr. Douglas Turkington

Click here to access the material from the webinars: CBT informed caring workshop webinars

This webinar series is designed to help family members and caregivers gain a deeper understanding of psychosis and other serious mental illnesses, reduce the sense of stigma, and develop effective communication and coping strategies.  Dr. Turkington and NAMI Marin understand that families ultimately provide the safety net for individuals living with mental health disorders and recognize the need for education on effective treatments. CBT is an evidence based, proven model of care for people with psychotic and other disorders. These programs are unique in their focus on how families and caregivers (not just health care professionals) can utilize CBT informed skills.

These online webinars address the following topics:

  • Befriending/communication with loved ones with mental illness

  • Techniques with individuals who have reduced insight into their illness

  • Working with delusions and voices

  • Negative symptoms

  • Effective coping for families and other caregivers

  • Working with medications and substance use