CBT Informed Care for Psychosis Workshop Materials

On November 6, 2020, NAMI Marin hosted a workshop for family members and caregivers on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Informed Care for Psychosis.  The presenter was world-renowned researcher and clinician Dr. Douglas Turkington from Great Britain. More than fifty family members and mental health providers who work with families attended this 6-hour presentation, which included a combination of video segments and live question-and-answer periods.

We have uploaded the materials from the workshop to my website – both the slides that accompanied the presentation and the video presentation by Dr. Turkington.

Click here to access the material: CBT informed caring workshop videos

The feedback we have received on the program was exceptional.  For example, respondents strongly agreed or agreed with the following:

  • 100% of respondents said that the workshop helped them gain a better understanding of CBT informed caring techniques
  • 97% said it helped them understand how people cope with voices and delusions
  • 95% said it helped them understand more about caring for loved ones with reduced or no insight into their illness
  • 94% said it helped them deal with “negative symptoms” (loss of interest, motivation and interest)
  • 92% said that it helped them understand how to improve communications within the family
  • 92% said that it helped normalize and reduce stigma surrounding psychosis
  • 92% said they would recommend the workshop to others

Highlights of the many comments included appreciation of Dr. Turkington’s compassion, communication skills, empathy, humor, knowledge and accessibility.  As one participant said: “Dr. Turkington models an attitude that is essential and speaks with such compassion and expertise.  He is truly a wonderful teacher and researcher.”  Appreciation was also expressed for the wide-ranging substantive content of the material presented and the practical suggestions for implementing the suggestions offered.