Dr. Reiser has published two books on the subject of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and has edited, co-authored multiple peer-reviewed articles.


A Manual for Evidence-Based CBT Supervision
by Derek Milne and Robert Reiser

The effectiveness of CBT depends on the quality of the supervision and training that is provided to its practitioners. A Manual for Evidence-Based CBT Supervision is intended to significantly strengthen the available resources for training and supporting CBT supervisors. The authors drew on the insights of many accredited CBT supervisors to develop the guidance, and the work is built firmly on an evidence-based approach.

This manual will also be useful for individual supervisors and to those who support and guide trainers and supervisors (e.g., peer groups, consultants, managers, administrators, training directors), as the authors include training supervision guidelines and training materials (e.g., video clips, guidelines and PowerPoint slides).

In summary, this manual provides critical guidance in a number of areas:

  • Training resources and evidence based guidance to individual supervisors in a continuing education/professional development workshop format
  • Criteria and guidance (including measurement tools and competence standards) to support the certification of supervisors
  • Assisting in a “train the trainers” approach suitable for agency or organization-based training of supervisors
  • Coaching and training supervisors and supervisees remotely, through supplementary materials and an interactive website


Bipolar Disorder, 2nd edition, a volume in the Advances in Psychotherapy: Evidence-Based Practice series

An extensively updated new edition of the acclaimed guide to treatment of bipolar disorder, incorporating the latest research on psychosocial treatments and clear medication management guidelines.

The expert authors, a team of psychotherapists, medical practitioners, and researchers, beginreview current theories and medication management guidelines are described, along with decision trees for evaluating the best treatment options. They then outline a systematic, integrated, and empirically supported treatment approach involving structured, directive therapy. Special considerations, including managing suicide risk, substance misuse, and medication nonadherence, are also addressed.

Spanish translation of Dr. Reiser's Bipolar Disorder book is available: Tastorno Bipolar on Amazon.


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